How to Be Happy!

Living to Be Happy 

On 23rd January 2014 I flew from Mexico to Colombia, and spent the next 7 months figuring out what all this spiritual stuff on how to be completely happy with your life is all about by spending extensive time on my own in order to really connect with the inner me.

I faced my fear of deep water (and sharks) by diving in deep water (with sharks), my fear of heights by paragliding 5 times off a friggin mountain on my own, and I faced my ultimate fear - being alone - by spending extensive time camping out completely alone in the middle of nowhere.

By facing our fears, we begin to fully experience how we shape the world we live in by the choices we make - or don't. Fear stops us from living our life to its absolute full potential.

The whole process takes us down layer by layer into our own being, and what I found is that as we care less and less about the opinions of others and what we have been told to be from outside, and learn more and more about who we really are within, we begin to feel an incredible happiness within.

I met a fun-loving and slightly crazy Irish guy called Gerry towards the end of my Latin American adventure, and he became my companion for the last days of my time in Colombia on the island of Providencia..

Gerry is someone who is genuinely completely happy all the time. As he says, "things are always good - or great"; he puts his continual optimism down to the air in his lungs and his sense of adventure.

Gerry finds it impossible to understand why everyone is not happy and living life to the full all the time. We have this one life now, and we can enjoy every moment of our life or not. For him it really is that simple, and it really is just a question of choice - choosing to live life with a sense of adventure, choosing to see things positively, and choosing to be happy.

On Sunday the 6th of July I had a weird experience. I sat on the island that night peacefully watching the moon, and the clouds moving in layers in the sky around it. I then lay down in my tent and placed my hands over my heart and rested.

I suddenly felt a hand press lovingly over mine, and I felt a kind of acknowledgement inside me that in order to be happy we just need to be who we are, and not concentrate on changing to be better. I kind of asked back ‘what about trying to be the best we can be?’ and the voice said that we should just listen to our feelings, and smiled. Then everything went completely white. Just pure white. Until I got distracted by whether this was really happening or not and whether I should get freaked out or not and then it was over.

Did I actually get touched by some Higher Power? Whatever it was that happened to me, it felt very real, and as that hand pressed on my heart, it felt like a real awakening - like the real understanding of living in the now popped into my head - it felt like a touch from God.

The final wake up call came to me with a horrific incident. On Saturday 12th July a group of us were standing on the street chatting away when one friend, Davy, suddenly fainted.

He collapsed, cracked his head with the full force of his body weight on the concrete road, and blood started pumping out of his ear! It was bad.

Thankfully, he will be ok! But seeing something like that happen in front of your eyes really shakes out of you the deep understanding that anything can happen at any moment completely unexpectedly and without any warning.

This does not mean that the answer is to lock our doors and never go out into the unknown. Davy had been travelling on his sail boat in the middle of the ocean on his own for years without incident.

But with understanding that what we never even contemplate or consider actually might happen to us and sometimes does, we see then that we must embrace this amazing gift of living and get on with enjoying life to the absolute max right now!

Living in the now is so so so simple and all we have to do is rejoice in the amazing gift of being alive; making it more complicated than that just puts us right back on the path of playing mind games and searching with a means to an unobtainable end; and yet many of us still need some guidance because we don't seem to be able to just live for what makes us happy in this moment somehow.

The answer is to take this simple message and not to complicate it, but to break it down to its most simplified instruction - this is all you need to know:

1) Let your gut feeling guide your decisions all the time
2) Truly grasp the concept that now is the only time you have
3) Live totally with a sense of adventure

These 3 things are three aspects of exactly the same point - which is while you have the air in your lungs, go with the flow, enjoy every moment, and be yourself. In a nutshell - live for now!

This does not mean you have to step outside of society and be a social outcast. People who feel they have become too disconnected from who they really are often live 'off the grid' free from normal life for a while because it is the easiest  way to be free from the commitments and pressures of society in order to really be able to focus on getting to know who we are and what we want from life.

Ultimately we have to live in society. We have to go grocery shopping and we have to earn money - we all have responsibilities. But still, put aside everything society has drilled into you to do, take the plunge to live fully in the moment now as you choose, and really discover how much of society’s values are yours!

Happiness all comes down to making the absolute most of this life we have by doing what makes us happy, and doing it now. And that really is it.

Read more about how to start getting to know the inner you to the right of this page.

Be inspired ♥

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