Into the Wild Wild West

Wed 18th June 2014
Living to Be Happy 

After singing a sad farewell to Kyra, the remaining members of the Cipriano Gang (Femke, Risha, Monique, Gerry and I) headed into Colombia’s wild west.

My sister devotes her life to looking after horses, and my mum's bit of stuff, Jimbo, loves all things John Wayne - the following wild west adventure is dedicated to them.

Desierto de la Tatacoa (Tatacoa desert) is really a semi-arid tropical forest surrounded by mountains that grab most of the incoming precipitation leaving 330 KM² of dry eroded cliffs and gullies, sculpted by the infrequent rain.

With only 5% pollution, the skies are clear at night, and due to its location at the equator, both northern and southern hemispheres are spread out in the sky for all to see. In fact on Fri 13th June, the night of our arrival, we even had the good fortune to experience a full moon that lit up the whole desert landscape into a perfect water-coloured sky blue.

This truly unique climate creates a perfect ecosystem for scorpions, weasels and fruit-bearing cacti, as well as 72 recorded bird species including birds of prey, to feel at home.

On Sat 14th June, we decided to make our first full day a very special one by renting some horses. Usually I prefer to hike through nature, but I figured that if you are going to ride through nature on a horse, the wild west is the perfect place to do so.

Unfortunately, as the day went on, the experience was not so positive as we realised that the horses were tired, worn out and malnourished. Later, when I passed by the horses again and the saddles had been removed, I found out that they were being seriously neglected and it made me want to cry that we had ridden them at all.

The next day Femke, Risha and Gerry headed off to Bogota on new adventures. Only Monique and I remained.

We decided to stay one more day in order to take some ‘me time’ in nature. We both headed off in separate directions to spend the day alone, trekking through the desert, and appreciating living in the moment now.

I had so much fun on my day hike; I ended up with enough video footage to put together a wild west adventure trilogy :p

On Mon 16th June I said good bye to the final member of the Cipriano Gang as Monique bought her ticket and headed off down towards Ecuador on her own Self-discovery adventure.

Of all the members of the gang, Monique’s departure was the most affecting, and left me with the most lasting impression; for as my journey travelling alone in order to unearth and bring to light my most inner Self is now coming to its edifying and truly transformational conclusion, Monique is taking her first steps on her own enlightening uncovering, and I now know just how incredible the process of truly exploring one's inner being is going to be. 

Be inspired ♥



  1. love your description of the flora and fauna - a cactus looking like a cake with a flower on top and a hairy-cowy looking-thing....... priceless ! XXX Mama

  2. Thanks mum! Sorry that it took me ages to reply again. Hope Jimbo enjoyed the video shout-outs and my thoughts of him! :-)