Venezuela Needs Some Love!

Thur 10th April 2014
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The news in Colombia is all about the situation in Venezuela. It seems that very little is being reported back in many European countries and the States.

My muse, Katharina, has published an article on Venezuela for a German newspaper online!

Here is a quick summary of the situation in English:

After 14 years governing Venezuala, extreme left president Hugo Chavez died last year leaving a ‘split land’ behind - his supporters, the Chavistas, left over from the revolution on the one side, and a mix of smaller opposition parties and discontented students on the other.

Since mid-Feb, both sides have been fighting a violent conflict on the streets that have left many dead, wounded and hospitalised.

The students and opposition parties are fighting due to immense food, medicine and electricity shortages, as well inflation which recently was at 56%.

Venezuela is the richest land in oil, and WikiLeaks has released information that shows the USA has been key in getting these demonstrations against a socialist country with the most oil started.

South American left wing governments such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Peru, are supporting the new president of Venezuela, Maduro, in trying to find a peaceful resolution, while Maduro continues to send tanks and the military into the demonstrations and riots.

If you know German, read Katharina’s full article on page 11 of this open publication here

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  1. We know NOTHING about this - I think our newspapers and News feeds must be censored - They're full of rubbish - if we want to know ANYTHING about the real news happening even in our own country, we have to tune into foreign news programs. It's like being blinkered. - Why don't "THEY" want us to know what's going on in the world around us ??? - MUM x

  2. This is what I thought when you wrote on Facebook "what about Venezuela?" because you are a person who pays attention to what is going on in the world, so I guessed they are reporting nothing in the UK. I think in Germany there is more about it, but only because Katharina knew about it and she's German, I don't really know if it is being reported there.

    Here it is a massive topic and has been for a while. The other interesting thing is that in the Western media, the president is the bad guy and the students are the heroes, but in reality it seems to me that both sides are causing violence and killing and the general public, as always, just want to live in peace and not in fear.

    Why don't 'they' want us to know what is going on is a very good question. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Venezuela is the country with the most oil in the world and also happens to have a socialist government. :p