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Sat 25th Jan 2014
Living to Be Happy 

There are so many different people with messages on spirituality that beginning on a new journey of personal growth can seem completely daunting if not plain impossible, but in actual fact, spirituality is commonsense ignored.

Think about all the quotes that are floating around in little books on being happy in shops, or all the quotations and pictures on the web that people share on Facebook.

We all know how to develop sharing the love with ourselves, with others, and with the whole entire planet, but we have been socially conditioned to understand how on an intellectual level, and then to do no more about it.

Some of you reading this may be very happy with the way you share the love with yourself and others – maybe you are already very sporty, or you already eat very healthily, or you have an incredible social life, or you already enjoy good quality time on your own. That is all great! Keep doing it!

Others of you may not be able to claim any of those things. It does not matter where you are presently. There is always room for improvement – spiritual teachers old and new keep passing on the message that we must constantly change and adapt to improve ourselves for our own benefit and the benefit of others.

None of us is perfect because to be perfect would mean that we have no need to grow or develop as human beings, and that is just crazy talk. There is always something new we can all learn each and every day.

Over the past few years I have been really passionate about the teaching of spirituality because it all just makes so much sense. I have experimented with the teachings too, but I have not been brave enough to take the huge plunge into the unknown and really live the path completely.

Finally I have decided it is time to take a deep breath and jump in at the deep end. So over the last few days I sat down and worked hard to put all that I have learnt about the spiritual path online to share with you!

Now I am going to do the one thing that most people don’t do – I am going to actually practise what spirituality teaches to see if it really works!

This is all about behavioural change and this means that I will have to 'overwrite' the ingrained behaviours I have with new habits. This takes time!

Actually, spirituality teaches us that there is no time – only the present. The time we refer to is ‘clock time’, but everything happens ‘now’ (‘now’ in the past, or in the present, or in the future). So there is no rush. The goal is not the objective. It is the journey that is important. We just have to begin!

We can also do this anywhere, but it is easier to make a commitment to changing our behaviours when we are completely separated from the life we normally live, and the easiest way to do that is to save up some cash and go away from everything you know for a while.

It has always been a big dream of mine to travel through Latin America, so I saved up some cash, quit my job, and arrived in Mexico on December 6th 2013.

I was travelling around Mexico now for almost 2 months, and during this time I have already been learning a lot about my Self, but I have also been preparing myself for the real commitment – fully following the path to enlightenment (understanding the way everything really works in order to experience complete happiness).

On Thursday evening I arrived in Bogota, Colombia, with £5000 in my pocket (not literally) for the continuation of my travels - now in South America.

It is here that my real commitment to live by the teachings of spirituality begins. So I am launching the site today! – Sunday 26th January 2014

You can follow me here on my blog-site and read all the information about spirituality above, and you can also check out my videos on my YouTube channel!

I’m nervous, but excited, and ready to go! Let’s see where this journey takes me!

Be inspired ♥

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